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Glasgow Interactive Genetic Algorithm Courseware
 To run GA/EA_Demo, you'll need to download the latest Java from

Click the
Start  button in the Java Applet below
to run the interactive GA, EA & CAutoD courseware

to learn step by step, see how x and y jump out of local optima, experiment with initial population, mutation rate, crossover rate, selection mechanism, elitism, and constraints, and gain more sense and intuition ...

Or click on Background Evolve to run batch evolution in the background, see the forest and convince the rapid convergence to the global optimality. Happy evolving...

To run GA / EA Demo, you'll need to download the latest JavaTM from:
This application is unsigned - you need to adjust the Java security level in your PC's Control
Panel to allow it to run, or to follow the detailed instruction here:

Note: Java Applet can't be supported by Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please use
Internet Explorer (IE) browser or others, eg. Sougou Explorer.

Simplified Procedure is as follows:
Step 1: Install Java;
Step 2: Open the Java Control Panel:
        Windows from;
        Mac OS from;
Step 3: Click on the Security button on the Control Panel and add the URL to the Exception Site List;
Step 4: Close your browser and reopen the Web page.

If you see this message, it means that you have not installed Java, have restricted this webpage from running scripts, or are not using a Java-enabled browser. Otherwise, you should see EA_demoTM appears here, running independently on your desk-top to enable you to interact with the artificial evolutionary process. If not, you'll need to install the latest version of Java from
This application is unsigned - you need to set your Java security in Control Panel to allow it to run
or follow the instruction here:

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Neural and Evolutionary Computing IV course (1995) at University of Glasgow 

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